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Eastland Port

2016 & 2017

In 2015 Eastland Port embarked on a 5-year plan of building a ‘Port of the future’ and achieving ‘more value from its current assets’ by a 1.3-hectare expansion to assist the port’s principle export commodity – logs. With a forecast export of 3.5million tonnes of logs, it was important the port offered the latest aids to navigation to assist vessels up to 30,000 tonnes and lengths of 190 metres. The increase in the size of vessels using the Port, along with the ongoing navigational safety programme saw the need for a complete port solution. Distribution partner Reid Technology were a key part of the navigation safety upgrade and selected Sealite’s superior range of aids to navigation for Eastland Port as they were economical, robust in design, easy to assemble and install, and supplied quickly.

eastland pel crop2
  • Port entry light (PEL)
  • SL-155 (4-12NM) non-precision sector lantern
  • AIS monitoring & control
  • SL-B2600 (2.6mtr) buoys
  • SL-C310 (3-5NM) solar marine lantern
  • High intensity LED range light.

Four Atlantic-2600 buoys are currently installed. Two range lights will be installed as new directional lead lights, supported by GPS Synchronised SL-C310 solar marine lanterns. These synchronised lights will flash in a 3-second sequence giving mariners a safer and stronger illuminated passage at night.