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Medium Intensity
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ICAO Medium Intensity Type A & B Obstruction Light

The ICAO Dual Type A & Type B Medium Intensity Obstruction Light is a combination WHITE (day) and RED (night) flashing fixture for day and night marking of obstacles. The model can be used for marking obstacles from 45 metres above ground, such as telecommunication towers, wind turbines, buildings and other tall structures.

During daylight hours the white light flashes in excess of 20,000cd and automatically transitions to red at dusk to operate in excess of 2,000 cd.

Avlite can provide turnkey solutions for obstruction lighting systems, including control boxes to support multiple light configurations, alarm monitoring, combined photocell, system test functions and more.

Key Features
  • Certified to ICAO Annex 14 Volume 1,  ‘Aerodrome Design and Operations’, Sixth Edition, July 2013, – Medium Intensity Type A and Type B Obstruction Light
  • Complies with ICAO MIOL Type A 20,000cd (daytime) and ICAO MIOL Type B 2,000cd (night)
  • Available in universal AC (110-240VAC) and DC (24-48VDC)
  • Small form factor
  • On-board diagnostics trigger an alarm contact for remote monitoring
  • Integrated Light Sensor for day/night operation
  • Internal Flash Control