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Low Intensity
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AV-C310 / AV-C410 ICAO Low Intensity Type A & B Solar Light

The AV-C310-ILA and AV-C410-ILB are robust, solar powered ICAO Type A & B Low Intensity Obstruction Lights and are suitable for aerial obstructions up to 45mtrs in height.

Both models utilise a solar array which charges an internal battery during daylight hours, and at dusk the light will automatically begin operation.

Key Features
  • The advanced light optic uses a single power LED
  • Polycarbonate aviation lens specifically designed for use with LEDs to maximize light intensity and uniformity
  • Various colour outputs available
  • 12 years of reliable service with minimal ongoing maintenance
  • Integrated solar/battery system enabling automatic operation
  • User-replaceable solar modules
  • IP68 waterproof rating