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Self Contained Marine Lanterns 5-12+nm
SL C600 Product Image 1000x900

SLC600 6-12nm Solar Marine Lantern

The SLC600, one of the worlds largest self-contained LED lanterns, is a 6-12nm Solar LED Lantern designed for a range of low-maintenance applications.

The light boasts a large internal battery compartment, a SL155 light-head and 4 premium-grade 20watt solar modules mounted to collect sunlight at all angles.

The SLC600 is moulded from UV-stabilised, virgin polyethylene, providing enormous impact and weather resistance, in addition to high visibility IALA colours.

Colours available - Red, Green, White, Yellow 

Key Features
  • 6-12NM+ range
  • Fitted with single-tiered ultra-high intensity LED light source
  • Multiple lens divergence for fixed or floating applications
  • 256 user adjustable IALA flash characters
  • 4 user adjustable intensity setting
  • Large replaceable 100Ah SLA battery
  • 4 premium-grade 20Watt solar modules
  • Impact & weather resistant polyethylene housing
  • Handles on the base for ease of installation
  • Complete unit - ready for immediate installation
  • Up to 12 years service life
  • Vertical light emissions to maintain visibility when passing adjacent to light