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Marine Lanterns 1-21+nm
SL300 SERIES 13 21NM 821x700

SL300-1D5 13-21nm Long Range Lantern Series

The SL-300-1D5 series are 13 to 21NM long range marine lanterns with 1.5 degree vertical distribution, suitable for a range of day and night applications.

The SL-300-1D5 series offers multiple intensity adjustments to over 90,000cd luminous intensity in a single tier (over 180,000cd in a 2-tier configuration). The small form factor provides minimal wind loading and convenient handling delivering significant advantages over traditional larger lens stack assemblies.

The long range lanterns produce a class-leading intensity to power ratio, making them highly efficient & suitable for solar power solutions.

Available colours: White, Red, Green

Key Features
  • Over 90,000cd luminous intensity white “ single tier
  • Over 180,000cd luminous intensity white “ two tier
  • Compact lantern up to 21NM visible range
  • PC or IR Programmer for setup, diagnostic & testing
  • Internal or external photocell options
  • User configurable day/night lux levels
  • Advanced remote monitoring features
  • Wide operating voltage range 20 “58VDC
  • Internal data-logging for long term retention of key operational parameters & alarm conditions
  • General purpose inputs (two) & outputs (two)