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Marine Lanterns 1-21+nm
SL155 APOLLO NPS 821x700

Apollo-SL155 4-9+nm Non Precision Sector Lantern

The Apollo-SL155-NPS non-precision sector lantern is adjustable from 4-9nm+ and has been designed to suit a range of applications including channel, river and estuary marking.

The distinctive lens of the SL155-NPS has 16 optical elements controlling the light emissions from the LED in a two-dimensional manner; completely unique to the industry. The optic facilitates internal sectoring across a broad range of output requirements.

Available colours: Red, Green, White, Yellow, Blue

Key Features
  • 4-12NM+ range
  • Single tier optic
  • 155mm diam¬≠eter lens
  • 256 user adjustable IALA flash characters
  • 32 user adjustable intensity setting
  • PC interface for setup, diagnostic & testing
  • Independent control of individual LEDs
  • Automatic effective intensity corre¬≠ction
  • Advanced thermal management
  • Heavy-duty aluminium construction
  • Large 200mm OD bolt pattern base
  • IP68 waterproof