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Marine Buoys
SL TRIDENT1400 IMAGE 1 821x700

SLB1400 Trident - 1400mm Navigation Buoy

The TRIDENT-1400 is a rotationally-molded navigation buoy with a float diameter of 1.4 meters and lantern focal height of at least 2.7 meters.

The float section of the TRIDENT-1400 is built from two (2) rotationally-moulded sections, which fasten together to form an incredibly robust 1.4 meter wide float section.

Each hull section is moulded from UV-stabilized, virgin polyethylene, and has a 13mm wall thickness. Each section is filled with closed-cell polyurethane, which prevents the ingress of moisture in the unlikely event of damage.

Colours available: Red, Green, White, Yellow

Key Features
  • 1.4 meter diameter
  • Robust construction of 2 piece hull
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent buoyancy and stability
  • Easy to deploy and service
  • Free-standing mooring post with ballast for easy storage and shipping
  • Float and mooring assembly stand upright in a high cube container
  • Cost effective and environmentally friendly