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Lighthouse Equipment

SL-LED-CTRL Universal LED Controller

Sealites LED Universal Controller is used in conjunction with the LED Light Source. Developed using the most advanced engineering and software technology, the Universal Controller is designed to control power to the Light Source in a small form factor. It can be configured with AIS, GPS and GSM capabilities, providing cutting-edge monitoring of a light sources LED status, power supply, temperature and turntable rotation speed. Advanced programming can be incorporated for intensity settings, complex flash configurations, and alarm conditions.

Key Features
  • Capable of controlling Sealite ™s complete range of LED light sources and offering built-in redundancy
  • AIS & GSM built-in options remove the need to interconnect additional devices
  • Built-in interface for turntable lens rotation monitoring, RS232 and RS422/485 format for third party monitoring
  • Built-in interface for external photocell connection and built-in temperature sensor
  • Fully compliant with IALA, IEC & ITU standards