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Monitoring and Control
AIS Systems

AIS - Type 1 and Type 3

Sealite’s class leading, low powered AIS (Automatic Identification System) Solutions are available in Type 1 or Type 3 and operate on the International VHF Maritime Mobile Band, enabling Port Authorities and other users to remotely monitor the real-time status of their AtoN installations.

Developed using SRT MARINE TECHNOLOGY’S third generation technology, Sealite’s AIS solutions are available integrated within a range of Sealite marine lanterns or as a stand-alone Aid to Navigation unit (SL-AIS-C).

Tested and internationally approved to the highest specifications, Sealite’s AIS solutions are suitable worldwide.

Sealite’s AIS solutions can be configured to a range of Sealite products, including solar marine lanterns and marine buoys.

The SL-155 medium range lanterns may be fitted with class-leading integrated, low-powered Type 1 or Type 3 AIS. VHF and GPS antennas to support AIS are fitted directly to the lantern.

Key Features
  • Type 1 & Type 3 models available
  • Complete AIS solutions displaying accurate positioning & operational information about the AtoN in real time
  • Class leading power consumption sets a new global standard
  • Supports real, synthetic & virtual AIS AtoNs
  • Supports Messages 21, 6, 7, 8, 12, 13, 14 & 35 (dependent of hardware & software configuration)
  • Operates on the International VHF Maritime Mobile Band
  • Fully compliant with IALA, IEC & ITU standards
  • Enhances operational awareness
  • Enhanced sensor module allows environmental data monitoring
  • Reduces maintenance & call-out costs